How It Works


The concept of Qi underpins all Chinese Medicine theory.  This is the belief that Qi – our vital life force – flows through our bodies in channels called meridians.  The theory is that for us to feel good health, Qi needs to flow abundantly and freely through these channels.  If Qi is blocked or depleted, then we will feel the symptoms of ill health.

Chinese Medicine theory applies to all forms of ill health, whether it manifests as physical or mental/emotional symptoms.  The belief that physical, mental and spiritual health need to co-exist for us to feel overall health predominates as does the belief that they cannot be separated, in order words that mental illness can affect out physical health and physical illness can affect out mental health.   

The insertion of the needles into acupuncture points is believed to affect the flow of your body’s Qi, re-balancing and reinforcing it and encouraging the body to nudge itself towards better health.

Other treatments are offered as an adjunct to acupuncture where I feel it would be helpful.

  • Moxibustion is a process by which moxa (a Chinese herb akin to mugwort) is heated on the skin to supplement the effect of the needles.
  • Cupping is the process of placing glass cups on the skin and forming a light vacuum, the theory being that stagnant energy beneath the cups is gently encouraged to move.
  • Gua sha is a Chinese massage technique which it is also believed encourages Qi to move and draws out impurities from the skin.

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I have a firm belief in the Eastern philosophy of body-mind-spirit being inseparable and through my own practice I have seen the subtle but transformative power of acupuncture.  Please feel free to give me a call to chat through whether acupuncture could help you.

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